Twelve well chosen holiday gift suggestions for gardeners

Holiday gifts that keep gardeners' thoughts in the ground even in the off-season make the finest presents for them.

Just when a little sunlight is most needed, these gardening and garden-themed gifts will sow the seeds of expectation for brighter days to come.

SMART VIDEO CAMERA BIRD FEEDER: This gadget not only provides sustenance for your feathered companions but also recognises and captures their visits. After mounting it outside,

 link it to your Wi-Fi network and download the free app on your iPhone (iOS 11 or later) or Android (OS 5.0 or later).

 AI recognises the sort of bird that lands on the solar-powered feeder and notifies you via your smartphone with ultra-wide HD photos, a live video stream with sound, and species data.

HYDROPONIC SMART GROWER: Without soil or sunshine, you can produce fresh food indoors year-round with this award-winning grow system. 

With 86 LED lights and 10 smart sensors, the 16-plant device can monitor plants from a distance and interact with the free Aspara mobile app to deliver warnings when maintenance is required. 

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