Use Douyin nails to secure it.  

Almond-Shaped Acrylic Nails with Embellishments: Take a long length of acrylic nail and form it into an almond shape. Use a pastel or neutral base colour. 

 Apply a base colour that is pastel or neutral. Attach pearl embellishments and tiny bows with glue. Apply a clear topcoat for extra durability and lustre.

Use nail glue to adhere bows and hearts to your nails. For a glossy finish, apply a clear topcoat last.

Long Square Nails with Silver Butterfly Embellishments and Glittery Tips: Use acrylic nails that are long and square.

Paint glitter polish on the tips and work your way down to the cuticle area. Use glue to affix the silver butterfly embellishments, then topcoat with clear varnish.

Start with long or medium-length nails when applying French tips. Applying white nail polish to the tips of your nails will give you a timeless French manicure. 

Start with short, natural nails and add rhinestones and a clear base. To achieve a natural-looking manicure, apply a clear base coat.  

Rhinestones can be attached to your desired pattern or design using nail glue. Apply a clear topcoat to achieve a polished look.

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