Variety: Though Well-Made, Elizabeth Olsen's Limited Series "Love & Death" Has Been Seen Before 

As it should, "Love & Death" has a familiar feel. The Max drama is the second television show in less than a year to focus on the same case: Candy Montgomery,  

a Texas housewife who used an ax to murder her neighbor and friend Betty Gore in 1980.

This rendition comes right after "Candy," which debuted on Hulu in the previous year. It's almost necessary to compare given the closeness,  

and it's easy to compile a long list of distinctions and refer to it as a review. Elizabeth Olsen plays Montgomery in "Love & Death," 

while Jessica Biel is the star of "Candy." (The more striking difference is between Jesse Plemons in the first film and Pablo Schreiber in the second, 

two physically dissimilar performers who both play Allan Gore, Candy's former boyfriend and Betty's husband.) 

"Candy" has a horror element, but "Love & Death" is more realistic. "Candy" rewinds events from the day of the murder, 

when Montgomery switched between a violent murder and unsettlingly ordinary tasks, but "Love & Death" follows a more conventional plot structure. 

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