Vocalist Ruby Leigh Says She's "Complete" After Reba McEntire Cried During Her Performance (Exclusive)

Leigh sang "You Lie" by Reba McEntire on Monday night's episode of the singing competition show.

During Monday night's show of The Voice, contestant Ruby Leigh sang "You Lie," one of Reba McEntire's best-known sad songs. It made her coach cry!

"It moved my heart." I feel good about myself and think, "At least I did a good job." Leigh, 16, tells PEOPLE after the show, "I made Reba happy, and now I'm whole."

"You blew it out of the water," the "Does He Love You" singer said on the show as she wiped away tears. "Gwen [Stefani] and I are bawling!"

When McEntire, 68, got off the stage, she went up to Leigh and gave her a sweet hug. In an interview with PEOPLE, she talked about that time.

"Walking off she was just telling me that I did everything that she told me to and that she was really proud of me," she shares.

Leigh says, "She said I really connected with her on that song and she really felt it so that was one of the highlights for me."

She also talked about her marriage to the country star. Rebecca is the nicest person ever. She's a lot like pumpkin pie. She's really cool. I've learned a lot from her too. "I can't believe how much she knows," Leigh says.

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