"Naughty" and "Nice" ice cream cakes for the holidays were inspired by actor and Salt & Straw investor Dwayne Johnson.

Both cakes are firsts for Salt & Straw, which is well-known for using regional products and inventive flavors and is recognized for selling out online.

Tyler Malek, the chef, worked with Johnson, taking cues from his favorite indulgences and holiday desserts.

Designed in the spirit of Johnson's spoof Dwanta Claus, the celebratory cakes are kid-friendly yet have flavors of alcohol.

For people with nut allergies, it's important to know that both cakes include nuts, even if they are popular.

 Johnson's multifaceted personality is evident in this tasty partnership, spanning from fitness to movies.

The cakes' rapid selling highlights their allure and gives Salt & Straw's Christmas offerings a unique twist.

Salt & Straw's creative methodology pioneers novel approaches, exhibiting inventiveness in taste and appearance.

This culinary endeavor not only raises Salt & Straw's profile but also demonstrates Johnson's impact on innovative teamwork.

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