Wednesday behind the scenes: Jenna Ortega's tearful journey 

Looking back, Jenna Ortega's performance as Wednesday Addams was not only a turning point in her career,  

but also evidence of her tenacity and commitment. While filming the popular Netflix series Wednesday, 

the rising star overcame a demanding schedule to create a captivating performance that touched millions of people. 

It was not an easy task for Ortega to take on the iconic role. Variety reported that the actress remembered the physically and mentally exhausting process, 

which included 12- to 14-hour shooting days and weekends full of lessons in various disciplines, such as cello and fencing. 

Despite experiencing extreme exhaustion and emotional breakdowns, Ortega remained steadfast in her commitment to her role. She frequently found herself "hysterically crying" during calls with her father. 

Her perseverance was evident since, in the months leading up to the eight-month shoot in Romania, 

she not only learned her lines but also underwent strenuous physical training.

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