Weekly Tarot Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign for November 20–26

zodiac sign for November 20 - 26. However, I can offer a general guide on how each zodiac sign might navigate this period: 

Aries might experience a week that challenges their assertive nature. The tarot cards could hint at a need for patience and a reminder to balance enthusiasm with practicality.


Taurus may find stability in their endeavors this week, perhaps reflecting in the tarot cards as a period of groundedness and focus on long-term goals.


Geminis could face decisions or new opportunities. The tarot might reveal a theme of adaptability and the need for clear communication in navigating these changes.


Cancers might seek emotional harmony this week, with the tarot suggesting introspection and a focus on nurturing relationships.


Leos could experience a boost in creativity and self-expression. The tarot cards may signify a period of confidence and exploration.


Virgos might encounter challenges related to organization or detailed work. The tarot might emphasize the need for structured planning and attention to detail.


Libras may focus on balance and relationships. The tarot cards might highlight themes of harmony and seeking equilibrium in personal connections.


Scorpios might experience introspection and transformation. The tarot could suggest a period of self-discovery and emotional depth.


Sagittarians might seek adventure and exploration. The tarot cards could signify a period of optimism and seeking new experiences.


Capricorns could focus on ambition and career goals. The tarot may highlight themes of hard work and perseverance in achieving success.


Aquarians might experience intellectual stimulation and innovation. The tarot might reflect a period of originality and progressive thinking.


Pisceans may seek emotional depth and connection. The tarot cards could signify a week of intuition and empathy in relationships.


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