What Made Jenna Ortega Leave ‘Scream 7’? Several Theories Exist 

Online rumors began to circulate less than a day after Melissa Barrera was fired from Scream 7 for posting divisive content regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, 

claiming Jenna Ortega had left the movie in protest. Deadline would later verify that Ortega had indeed left the movie, 

but not due to the Barrera circumstance. The reason given was Ortega's progressively ,

hectic schedule from finishing Beetlejuice to filming Wednesday Season 2.That doesn't seem to be the whole story, ,

though.The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ortega was never restricted to Scream 7. 

The actress had a lot more negotiating leverage when it came time to discuss pay with the notoriously picky Spyglass studio. 

. She did, too.Neve Campbell experienced a similar circumstance prior to Scream VI. The actress is essentially the face of the Scream franchise, 

but Spyglass would not give her a pay scale that "did not equate to the value" of the roles she plays in the movies. 

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