What The Original Daredevil: Born Again Needs To Change 

After Netflix cancelled Daredevil after three seasons, there was a period of time when it appeared as though Charlie Cox  ,

and Vincent D'Onofrio's respective roles as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk were coming to an end. 

However, those days are long gone. Both of these men have returned to the MCU in recent years, 

and we will see them again in Daredevil: Born Again after they play their respective parts in the upcoming Marvel TV series Echo, 

which premieres in January. Yes, the moment has arrived for Man Without Fear from Marvel Comics to finally take the lead in the official MCU. 

As part of the extensive behind-the-scenes makeover the show is undergoing, the new creative team, which includes major Loki talent, 

is looking to bring Born Again closer to Daredevil in tone, 

even though numerous signs suggest the impressive cast film is not considering the events of Netflix's Daredevil (don't consider this Daredevil Season 4). 

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