What's new on Stan, Netflix, Paramount+, ABC iview, and others this week? 

Your guide to new shows and films available to stream in Australia between November 27 and December 3, 2023. 

In this high-octane action-comedy series from the creators of Cobra Kai, an elite special forces team must thwart a deadly threat in Las Vegas. 

Season three returns to Southside Jamaica, Queens, with emotions running high and the stakes even higher, to find the family in disarray and reeling from the Mob's coordinated attack. 

Kanan is struggling with the concepts of right and wrong. There is both good and evil. Disloyalty and fidelity. And he isn't alone. Every member of the Thomas family must deal with an existential crisis that calls their very identity into question.

Toni Collette and Monica Bellucci star in this comedy about a suburban mom who is thrust into the spotlightHeist 88 is a film based on true events that follows Jeremy Horne, 

a criminal mastermind with an uncanny ability to persuade anyone to do anything, who decides to pull one last job before going to prison. 

The story takes place before widespread computerization and today's cybersecurity.  This new music documentary commemorates the 40th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller, the best-selling album of all time worldwide.

Nelson George transports fans back in time to witness the creation of the groundbreaking album and the release of the accompanying short films, which forever changed the music video format.

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