What's your 1965 Quarter Worth? 

The 1965 Washington quarter is a fascinating piece of American coinage history. Produced during a time of transition in U.S. coin composition, 

Prior to 1965, quarters were composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, but during 1965, the U.S.  

Mint began minting quarters with a new composition: a copper-nickel alloy, commonly referred to as clad coinage. 

From a numismatic perspective, the 1965 quarter, made of the copper-nickel clad, doesn't carry the intrinsic value of its silver predecessors 

The absence of silver drastically affects its market worth. In circulated condition, 

these quarters are generally valued at their face value or slightly above it,  

usually as collectibles for enthusiasts or beginners starting their coin collections. 

It's essential to approach coin valuation with realistic expectations, especially for more common coins like the 1965 quarter 

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