Where Elon Musk leaves off 

In my heart, I'd rather the wealthiest men on the planet were unique. I've watched Steph Curry play basketball,  

so I know there are truly amazing people in the world. I therefore think it's only fitting that our most prosperous businesspeople be of a caliber that is at least as high as theirs. 

When I was in middle school, that is how I perceived the Gateses and Waltons of the world. 

And I would have been happy to KNOW it, as well as right to think it, in a just world (ha!). 

The socioeconomic structure that helped these men rise would also be excellent if they were truly great. 

and just.And that gets me to Elon Musk. Musk was the clear successor to the late Steve Jobs at one point in his professional life. 

He managed several tech companies concurrently, 

and he seemed to do so with style and a sincere desire to make his clients' lives better. He was the first to launch reusable spacecraft. 

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