Why did Shaquille O'Neal leave Reebok? The story behind Shaq walking away from the $40,000,000 deal

Shaquille O'Neal's $400 million net worth has been amassed from NBA contracts, a career in Hollywood,

 endorsements, investments, and business endeavors. He did, however, previously turn down a $40 million offer from Reebok.

For much of his career, O'Neal wore Reebok sneakers, most notably "Shaq Attaq" and "Shaqnosis.

 However, during his appearance on the "Full Send" podcast, the 7-foot-1, 

 four-time NBA champion described how he was once approached by a lady, which caused him to sever his relationship with Reebok.

"I had a 40 for 5 Reebok bargain. And this woman is tearing me to pieces as I'm leaving the area one day. 

"You motherf***ers!" These shoes are costing these babies so much money. After all, I was like, "Ma'am, I

 I don't make the prices, here you go," with about $2,000 in my wallet. 'Why don't you motherf***ers manufacture a shoe that's affordable?' she slapped the money out of my hand.

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