Will you be able to look past the eerie dolls in this optical illusion?

Will you be able to look past the eerie dolls in this optical illusion?Occasionally, the Internet presents us with an optical illusion that evokes a range of emotions in us. 

Some of them leave us staring at our screens for an interminable amount of time, while others are so confusing that they make us question our vision. 

 In relation to optical illusions, a terrifying video has been making the rounds on the Internet. 

The video of the optical illusion has gone viral and has scared many online. It might even make you shudder.

A user going by the handle "WaferFab" posted the video to Reddit's "oddlyterrifying" community. 

 In the black-and-white video, a few dolls are arranged next to one another. There are variations in the dolls' expressions. 

One of them is bald, another has a menacing expression, and two have joker facial paint on them. Regardless of the camera angle, the dolls' eyes seem to be staring at the viewers, which is scary. 

The phenomenon behind this is described in the video's caption. The text states, "The optical illusion of dolls staring at you is achieved by concaving the eyes."

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