James Webb Spots Strange "Ghostly" Object Reappearing

This page includes spoilers for Thunderbolts #1, which will be released next week.

At the end of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing's Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty run, 

Winter Soldier" Barnes had obtained more covert information than anyone had ever had access to,

And in this CBR Exclusive preview of next week's Thunderbolts #1, we see who Barnes approaches

first to help him organize this information into a way to attack those who believe they are most protected from attack. 

Thunderbolts #1 is by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with art by Geraldo Borges and lettering by Joe Sabino

which picks up right where we left off with Barnes in Captain America: Finale (the conclusion of Kelly and Lanzing's Captain America:

Sentinel of Liberty run), where he took down the Outer Circle, a powerful and hidden cabal known that had been manipulating world events since

World War I, with the help of Captain America, Destroyer (Sharon Barnes is now assembling a new squad.

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