Witchy Baby Names for Halloween

You are in the right place if you love Halloween a lot and are expecting a baby in October.

A few real-life people were inspired by witchcraft, giving us cool names as well as fascinating backstories. For example, Agnes Sampson is a historical figure who was convicted of witchcraft during the witch trials.1 So, if you're looking for names inspired by historical figures, check out these seven witchy names.

7 Real-Life Witchy Name

one of the most well-known witches from the witch trials in 1500s Scotland is Agnes Sampson.  


Aleister Crowley become an English occultist who believed himself to be a magical prophet at some stage in the early twentieth century.2


A German woman named Dorothea Flock (or Floch) become convicted of witchcraft in Bamburg in the 1600s.3


also referred to as the “father of witchcraft” is self-proclaimed Wiccan Gerald Gardner.four


one of the last humans to have been convicted of witchcraft in Virginia became Grace Sherwood.5  


Voodooist and herbalist Marie Laveau was well-known in New Orleans.Six


Wilmott Redd was a woman who perished in the Salem witch trials.7.


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