With three close games, the NFL Supercomputer forecasts Thanksgiving scoring.

NFL fans anticipate three close Thanksgiving games, with AI predictions adding to the excitement. 

Thanksgiving NFL traditions continue with three tight matchups in Week 12, featuring key rivalries. 

SportingPost.com's AI analysis forecasts scores for Thanksgiving games, drawing on historical and current season data. 

The Lions, despite recent struggles, are having a strong season and aim to capitalize on home-field advantage against the Packers. 

The Cowboys, hosting Thanksgiving games since 1966, face the Commanders in a crucial divisional clash with confidence. 

The 49ers, rebounding from a rocky start, look to maintain their good form against the struggling Seahawks on Thanksgiving night. 

Home teams historically win 52 percent of Thanksgiving games, giving the Lions an edge against the Packers. 

The Cowboys, boasting a strong scoring average, are poised to exploit the Commanders' defensive weaknesses on Thanksgiving. 

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