Woman who says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is her father refiles defamation lawsuit

DALLAS (AP) — This week, a woman who claims Jerry Jones is her biological father re-filed a defamation lawsuit, alleging that the Dallas Cowboys owner

and his associates worked to portray her in public as a "extortionist" seeking a multi-million dollar payout.

Alexandra Davis, a 26-year-old congressional aide, claims Jones and his team of lawyers, media professionals, and marketing experts devised a plan to destroy

her reputation by publicly labeling her as a "shake-down artist" motivated by greed and money.

Davis filed a lawsuit against Jones in March 2022, seeking recognition as his biological daughter. She filed a defamation suit against Jones in March of this year, 

 accusing him of carrying out a "false and purposeful character assassination attack" on her.

The lawsuit filed this week comes one month after a federal judge dismissed portions of the previous defamation suit but allowed Davis to refile.

 Some of the alleged defamatory statements about Davis, according to the judge, were either true or "not defamatory

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