Yankees' Randy Levine takes issue with teams 'complaining and whining' about money when attendance is low– 

The president of the New York Yankees, Randy Levine, criticized the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins for not being able to increase attendance despite receiving

revenue-sharing money from teams in larger markets. Levine said this during Sportico's Invest in Sports Conference last week. He was accompanied by team owner Hal Steinbrenner, who created headlines when he hinted at potential personnel changes within the

 company.Levine, though, had a grievance regarding the Rays and Marlins. With 17,781 attendance on average,

Tampa Bay ranks 27th in baseball despite having one of the best records. Over the course of the American League Wild Card Series,

Meisner's chronic obstructive lung disease complications led to his death.

 the team's low attendance was brought to light. With 14,356 average attendance, Miami ranked 29th."

."A lot more focus has to be on individual teams to do better and not just rely on revenue sharing," Levine stated. "Two Florida clubs with an average attendance of 15,000 each cannot exist. 

 It is not yours to have. You don't walk into an NBA or NFL stadium and witness that. Additionally, I believe that the dependency problem needs to be resolved.

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