Yellowstone season 2 episode 5 recap: The Dutton children are terrified 

In the first flashback, we witness the beginning of the relationship between young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) and Beth (Kylie Rogers).  

As Rip is performing his duties and about to apprehend a straggling horse in the field, 

Beth approaches him and warns him against it since it belongs to her mother, who was riding it at the time of her death. 

After a somewhat heated exchange, Beth makes flirtatious moves toward him.When the other cowboys see this, 

they make fun of Rip for it and the fact that he's now an orphan. When Rip becomes enraged and starts fighting, 

a young Lloyd (Forrest Smith) intervenes and tells Rip to go to his room in the barn. 

Beth is wondering why he is upset and is waiting for him there. Rip claims that by not being big enough, 

he "killed" his family and that's why he's angry. Beth tells him that although she was scared and killed her mother, she is no longer afraid. After that, they kiss for the first time.

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