Yellowstone Season 6 Was About to Introduce the Long-Lost Fourth Dutton Brother

The landscape of television Western dramas has changed dramatically over the years, with shows like Yellowstone grabbing viewers' hearts with their captivating narratives and engaging characters. 

As the series neared the end of its successful run, word spread of a major plot twist planned for the sixth season: the appearance of a long-lost Dutton family member.

This discovery, made by Christian rock artist Cory Asbury, adds another layer of mystery to the show's legacy.

Yellowstone, created by the creative brilliance Taylor Sheridan, has become a modern television storytelling staple, 

merging the harshness of the West with delicate family dynamics. The show's celebrated popularity is partly due to its rich storyline centered on the Duttons, led by the enigmatic John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. 

However, the series took an unforeseen turn when Costner left, causing it to end prematurely in its fifth season.

Cory Asbury, a well-known personality in the Christian music community, revealed in an interview with Taste of Country that he was in talks to join the cast of Yellowstone as a long-lost sibling of the Dutton family in the unproduced sixth season. 

On the Dutton Rules podcast, Asbury, known for his GMA Dove Award-winning album Reckless Love, expressed his delight and later regret over the part. 

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