Your stress levels are not measured by this optical illusion.

On social media, a photo of an optical illusion that purports to gauge stress levels has surfaced again.

The caption reads, "A Japanese neurologist created this image." 

"You are calm if the image is still; you are stressed if it moves a little; and you are very stressed if it moves like a carousel. Tell me about your situation.

Among the comments on Facebook were: "Very stressed, and now stressed about being stressed" and "I can't believe I am very calm and not stressed." 

 When did that ever occur?" and "For me, it's not moving." I might need some coffee.

Since February, the picture has been shared numerous times on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, among other social media platforms. 

The false statement first surfaced on social media in 2018 after going viral.

Similarly, a tweet from November 18 claimed that "Japanese Psychotherapist Yamamoto Hashima" was the source of the illusion and suggested that interpreting the image could indicate dangerous exhaustion.

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