Your Weekly Horoscope for the Week of November 20 to November 26, 2023


This week is a good one for you, Aries. You perform well under pressure, and the start of Sagittarius season will reinvigorate and reignite your passionate side. 


Taurus, your patience may be tested this week, as it all begins with your travel plans. Because you enjoy planning, you should give yourself extra time this week.


This week may result in a breakdown in communication between you and someone you care about, Gemini, so be careful what you say and how you say it. Expect this energy to grow stronger as you spend more time with family this week. 


This week, Cancer, you're in the zone. Thanksgiving astrology will probably ask you to play peacemaker more than you'd like, but the stars are giving you the right touch to bring conflict to a quick and decisive end. 


Despite your love of hosting and entertaining, you may feel off this week. A disagreement with your boss or coworker before the holidays may put you in a bad mood and make you feel on edge. 


The hustle never ends, Virgo, and this week is an excellent opportunity to impress the right people. A large project at work is causing stress, but it may be your opportunity to impress key decision-makers on your team


This week, Libra, your friends will be the source of your headache. Mars is entering Sagittarius, which may spark a conflict within your inner circle. The good news is that the root of the problem is a simple misunderstanding--the problem is that everyone believes they are correct.


This holiday season will be a watershed moment for you, Scorpio. As Sagittarius season begins, you'll enter your domestic goddess era and find the motivation to put your new life plan into action. 


Sagittarius, this week marks the beginning of something wonderful for you. With the sun and Mars in your sign, you have the confidence and energy to make decisions and get things done. 


Capricorn, all of your good karma is returning to you this week. Early in the week, your friendships and inner circle will hold a special place of significance, and it may get emotional, so pack some Kleenex before you go.


Are you ready to connect with your spiritual side, Aquarius? You've recently been stuck in a rut, either unchallenged by your current circumstances or challenged in a way that doesn't seem worth the outcome.


Pisces, you'll be in a giving mood this week. Sagittarius season is a time to give back and love your neighbor. Giving back to the community can be accomplished by volunteering at a local charity or organizing a fundraiser.

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